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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Uncle Scrooge

Uncle Scrooge

I remember in school at least one classmate could talk like Donald Duck. It used to make me mad because I couldn’t even come close. Boys appeared to like the Disney comic book. I don’t know about girls, were they just reading Betty and Veronica in Archie Comics? For years I wondered what the appeal was of Disney’s Donald Duck series, then one day it dawned on me – it was the artwork.
Carl Barks Art

Although I wasn’t a big fan of Donald, I preferred Uncle Scrooge. Scrooge and his money always seemed to demand the best art scenes in the series. One of my favorite covers was of Uncle Scrooge sitting in his vault tossing his money in the air. What was not to love about that drawing? I don’t have that cover any more, but one cover by Don Rosi (or is it Rose?) pretty well captures the issue I had.
Don Rosi (or Rose?) Art

            In an age when super heroes like Batman and Superman ruled the comic book racks, Disney’s Uncle Scrooge vied strongly for my dime. I just wish I still had those wonderful comic books today.

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