Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, in the mid 1940’s was a bustling metropolis for a boy of 7 just away from the farm and ranch community where he was born. My father, a cook and cowboy by trade, had just started as one of the first cooks for the Casa Manana restaurant in 1947. He moved us to an apartment on Ohio Street, right across from the Gem Theater, between 7th and 8th Streets. It’s here that we would stay for the next three years. The Gem Theater became a magic palace for a young mind. But it had to share that distinction with the rest of the magic that was Wichita Falls. I attended San Jacinto and Carrigan elementary schools, as well as Reagan Junior High, and belonged to the Boys Club on 6th Street. Please join, and share your stories and pictures through a Guest Blog, of early Wichita Falls - or your home town. Contact me at or leave a comment. We could use old pictures of movie houses, drive-in theaters, and other nostalgic pictures related to our youths.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Mind Master

“The Mind Master” by Tom Johnson.  New York has a new hero. In a contemporary setting, thieves knock over an art gallery, stealing famous and valuable paintings, and at the same time hit a museum displaying a necklace once belonging to Queen Bathsheba given to her by King Solomon, its value beyond price. From the chaos rises a new hero, The Mind Master! With aides, the beautiful nightclub singer Kay Shannon, ex-heavyweight boxing champ Rocky Carver, and martial arts expert Jae Lee, the mysterious man in the fedora and black cloak unravels a deadly crime. But who is this mysterious crime-fighter? $.99 on Kindle at or available in “New Pulp Heroes” paperback for $15.00 post paid from Tom at 204 W. Custer St., Seymour, TX 76380. A lot of fun, and shows we can still have heroes today.

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